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If you watch one Ylvis parody, make it 'What's the Phanatic Say?'

You've seen Ylvis' What Does the Fox Say? It's weird, it's catchy, it's lovable and it has almost 300,000,000 views.

If you enjoyed that (and, frankly, even if you didn't), you'll love this parody from the Phillies titled, naturally, "What's the Phanatic Say?" We'll wait here while you watch it above:


Welcome back. Now take a moment to reflect on the effort and attention to detail that went into this beautiful work of art. It's like the Citizen Kane of "What Does the Fox Say?" parody videos.

You've got local collegiate mascots and Phillies' Minor League mascots hanging out together:


You've got backup dancers dressed like the eponymous Galapagos native:


You've got a lead singer pouring his heart out:


You even have Citizens Bank Park dressed up like the setting of a Michael Bay film. I mean, look at this:


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