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Watch Yasiel Puig's 'Yas-clusivo' with Guillermo from Jimmy Kimmel Live

Watch Yasiel Puig's 'Yas-clusivo' on Jimmy Kimmel

As Americans, we are obviously deeply involved in the democratic process, especially when it comes to the most important election of 2014 -- the All-Star Game.

On Wednesday night, Jimmy Kimmel decided he needed to know more about the All-Star candidates before he could fill out his ballot. To that end, he sent his "parking lot security guard" Guillermo to interview Dodgers outfielder and Instagram champion Yasiel Puig:

Guillermo, well known for his hard-hitting sports journalism, got Puig to reveal his soft side when he asked him if he felt bad for the pitcher after he hit a home run. Puig said he didn't, and Guillermo suggested that he was breaking the pitcher's heart. Puig responded, "Sometimes the pitcher breaks my heart too."

Of course, after his "Yas-clusivo", Guillermo resoundingly endorsed Puig. Puig seemed to enjoy the interview as well: 

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