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'If you want to really learn how to flip the bat, here's the maestro' - Vin Scully on Yasiel Puig

Vin Scully describes Yasiel Puig's bat flip

We've heard Vin Scully give his thoughts on hashtags. We've heard him give play-by-play of a little girl's dance moves. Heck, we've even listened to him take a broadcast through a 5.1-magnitude earthquake. But on Thursday night, we were finally gifted with Mr. Scully's opinion on Yasiel Puig's bat flip. The Dodgers right fielder relinquished a magnifcent toss on a double in the sixth inning:


Vin, like the rest of us, wanted to see the replay multiple times. Check out his full reaction in the main clip. I mostly like the "ohhh yeah, there we go" part, but it's all pretty fantastic.

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