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It's time to vote for the best MLB interview of 2015

What would we do without interviews? They give us great sideline and postgame moments, and they let us know how wonderfully weird our favorite players are. Remember this?

Munenori Kawasaki already has an award for his phenomenal interview skills, so now it's time to share the wealth.

The Esurance MLB Awards are Major League Baseball's way of honoring the greatest achievements from the 2015 season with an industry-wide balloting process. In the Best MLB Interview category, we're asking you to help decide which media appearances, by players or otherwise (you'll see), were the most compelling.

Check out some of the nominees below, and then click here to see the full list and vote for your favorite.

Josh Collmenter  

Let's journey all the way back to Spring Training, when an intrepid FOX Sports correspondent was interviewing D-backs pitcher Josh Collmenter:


And … his Dr. Strangelove-esque arms? Why was he having such trouble drinking water? Oh, maybe it's because his then-teammate Trevor Cahill was giving him a helping hand. Get it? Because those are Cahill's hands? OK, sorry about that joke, onto the next nominee.

Gio Gonzalez

Spring Training is clearly the time to refine your interview technique, as Gio Gonzalez demonstrated back in March. At Max Scherzer's urging (and with a little help from "Super Troopers"), the Nationals starter spent an interview replacing the word "now" with "meow."

Lemon the Dog

But if you're more of a dog person, we have the nominee for you. There are no animal sound effects here -- we're talking about an actual dog!


Lemon belongs to FOX Sports Florida in-game reporter Jessica Blaylock and will happily attempt to communicate the secret to life, the universe and the joy of Bark in the Park if you can just decode her growls.

Bert Moller

The name Bert Moller might not be immediately familiar to you, but we're sure you remember Mets pitcher Steven Matz's 3-for-3 Major League debut:


That amazing reaction was brought to you by Moller, Matz's maternal grandfather, and he couldn't have been happier about his grandson's amazing first day on the job:

Christian Yelich

Yes, Christian Yelich was the one being interviewed after a walk-off single in early April, but the real star of this interview is Dee Gordon :


With an assist from then-Marlin Mat Latos, a wonderful new tradition was born.

Stephen Vogt

The thing all of the other nominees have in common is being themselves. Even Lemon the dog is just giving into her natural instincts. But A's catcher Stephen Vogt's "Intentional Talk" interview was all about being someone else -- motivational speaker Matt Foley:


Voting will remain open through Nov. 13 at Winners will be announced live on MLB Network and on Nov. 20.