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Watch 'Greene's Hill Kid' end a Mariners no-hit bid

A.J. Pierzynski's solo home run broke up Brandon Maurer's no-hitter during the fourth inning in Arlington on Saturday, but a fan might have been the most important part of that play.

Trent Williams, A.K.A. "Greene's Hill Kid," made sure that Pierzynski's home run wasn't going to be taken away by Mariners center fielder Franklin Gutierrez. Williams, a season-ticket holder, said, "that is the first time I have ever touched gloves with an outfielder trying to catch the ball."

When asked if Gutierrez reacted after he couldn't make the catch, Williams said, "he seemed to be aggravated, because it broke-up the no-hitter." He said he also heard the center fielder mutter "dang it."

Williams didn't seem too broken up about the whole thing, busting out a little Gangnam Style in celebration of his catch.

--Austin McLaurin / Real-Time Correspondent

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