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Watch home run machine Nelson Cruz hit a 483-foot moonshot into the upper deck

Watch Nelson Cruz hit the longest HR of the season

There was a rocket ship launched into orbit via Arlington early Wednesday evening. You didn't hear about it? Here, we GIF'd it for you:

Wait, you're saying that was Nelson Cruz hitting a home run? That was a human being? Is that baseball OK?

According to's Greg Johns, Cruz was pretty astounded by his own power:

"I hit it pretty good, yeah," he said with a grin. "I haven't seen that [into that area of the second deck]. I've seen it like in the corner, down the line.

And starter Felix Hernandez,who picked up the win, was just a little bit impressed:

"My God, I'm glad he's on our side now," he said. "Wow. That was unbelievable. He's a strong guy."

Statcast estimated the blast at 483 feet -- the longest of the year. But we don't believe it. We didn't see it land. It's definitely still out there ... somewhere.

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