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Kolten Wong did the Nae Nae to celebrate his two-run double

We've all been to plenty of weddings/awkward school social events in our time, so we know one thing is true. When a song gives you instructions on how to dance, you have to follow them. But on Saturday night, Kolten Wong taught us that you can interpret those instructions however you want.

Presumably the Cardinals second baseman has heard Silentó's earworm:

And was just trying to do what it said during Saturday's matchup against the Cubs.

In the bottom of the fifth inning, he hit a two-run double to right-center field. If you were being particularly elastic with words, you could say he whipped it. But there are no levels of interpretation to what happened next -- just watch him Nae Nae:


Hopefully he'll break out the stanky leg the next time he gets on base.