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Watch Munenori Kawasaki's glorious interpretive dance around a ballpark

Watch Munenori Kawasaki's glorious interpretive dance

Munenori Kawaski is a dance legend. The Blue Jays infielder (currently with Triple-A Buffalo) dances on his birthday, he dances in the dugout and he even dances during televised interviews. Each new time Muni dances is somehow better than the last. But his latest will be nearly impossible to top.

Below is a video of Kawasaki doing an interpretive dance around a ballpark, sent to a jaunty piano tune. It is as if everything good and right in the world aligned for 2 minutes and 9 seconds, and this was the result.

This masterpiece seems to be an advertisement of some sort. Personally, I think every commercial should feature Kawasaki dancing. 

h/t reddit user CarpetBouncer

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