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Watch Pablo Sandoval belly flop to make a spectacular diving catch

Pablo Sandoval belly flops to make diving catch

If someone asked a representative sample of baseball fans, hypothetically, which MLB players they most want to see belly flop to make a diving grab, who would receive votes?

Yasiel Puig, yes. Bartolo Colon, sure. Pablo Sandoval: definitely. 

The Red Sox third baseman splayed out during the fourth inning of Monday's game against the Blue Jays to get under Dalton Pompey's popped-up bunt. Naturally, Panda made the out.


If that looks like it hurt, it did. The catch gave Sandoval a sore neck -- he left the game in the sixth inning -- but he told's Ian Browne that he's all right and it's all part of the game: "I'll be fine tomorrow … Have to take one for the team."

He had two hits (including a solo homer) and three RBIs in two at-bats, but the belly flop might be Sandoval's most impressive move of the night. 

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