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Here are 10 awesome reactions to Giancarlo Stanton's 510-foot homer

Although he didn't win the Home Run Derby, Giancarlo Stanton (who's been known to hit baseballs far) crushed one 510 feet on Monday. It was the longest of the competition. So long it more or less disappeared into the Minneaoplis sky:


With a home run that impressive, there are bound to be some incredible reactions. We've rounded up a few of the best below.

Stanton thoroughly enjoyed his round:

The lucky fan -- who probably never thought he'd see a ball reach those heights -- basking in his new souvenir: 


Danny Torrence ... shocked:

Fellow Derby mate Todd Frazier stating the obvious:

Carlos Gomez experiencing pure joy:


Nicolas Cage feeling somewhat confused:

Another pretty good home run hitter reporting his thoughts live from the field:

Teammate Henderson Alvarez doing a nice little happy dance:


Chief Brody sensing something amiss:

And Andrew McCutchen feeling all kinds of feelings: