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Watch rare home video footage of Wrigley Field in 1938

Watch rare footage of Wrigley Field in 1938

There has been a lot of time travel talk connected to the Cubs recently, what with the 2015 season aligning with the "Back to the Future" prediction that this would be the Cubs' year to win the World Series. Well, thanks to the Chicago Film Archives, today we can travel backwards in time. 

Though the title card states that this footage is from 1937, Dayn Perry of Eye on Baseball has deduced that this is likely from the Cubs' 1938 home opener against the Cardinals thanks to the pregame parade and that St. Louis appears on the scoreboard. 

If this is the '38 Cubs, it's all for the better as that team went to the World Series behind a 22-win season from Bill Lee, a 1.81 ERA from Dizzy Dean in his first year with the team, and the amazingly named Ripper Collins at first base. 

Watching these home video archives, you may be amazed by the sights like:  

- People in heavy wool suits at the ballpark. It looks like a bunch of extras from a high school production of Guys and Dolls

- Fedoras as far as the eye can see. 

- Some airplane with a tail banner that appears to be written in Braille. What -- they didn't have HD in 1938? 

But seriously, the world needs more footage like this. So the next time you see your grandparents, be sure to rummage through their attics for a while. There is bound to be more buried in some old and mildewing box. 

UPDATE: We can safely say that this is from 1938. As noted by's Mark Newman, as Bill Veeck first planted Wrigley's ivy in Sept. 1937, it would not have grown that high up the wall for a 1937 game.

Not only that, but as you can see in the video, the Cardinals scored four runs in the top of the 9th. Which would match up with the Cubs' home opener on April 22, 1938 when the Cards pushed four across the plate in the top of the ninth to win 6-5. 

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