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Watch the Yankees reenact an iconic scene from 'The Sandlot'

Watch the Yankees reenact a scene from 'The Sandlot'

'The Sandlot,' a film about a group of baseball-playing children that get caught up in in a series of escalating hijinks after one of them loses a ball autographed by Babe Ruth, is considered by many baseball fans to be a classic. The Yankees would appear to agree.

A few members of the 2015 Yankees took a break from their lives as professional baseball players to be professional actors -- recreating one of the many iconic scenes from the film. Compare the Yankees' performance above to the original clip of Scottie Smalls discovering exactly what cruel twist of fate has befallen him:

Not too shabby. Brian McCann's turn as Ham Porter is particularly inspired.


If you're curious about the Yanks' acting methods -- we've heard C.C. Sabathia stays in character for days before filming -- check out the outtakes:

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