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Watch these Army troopers make an impossibly cool entrance into the Alamodome

Army troopers make impressive entrance at Alamodome

Ever since "Mission Impossible" came out, we've all known that the coolest possible way to enter any situation is via rappelling from the ceiling. Going grocery shopping? Rappel in to the express aisle. Have a dentist appointment? Rappel into the receptionist's office, get the free toothbrush (maybe a sticker) and peace out. But most importantly, if you have tickets to a ballgame, you should absolutely rappel into the stadium.

Sadly, for most of us that's not possible, because most ballparks don't have roofs (and because most of us aren't secret agents). But at this year's annual Big League Weekend, the Dodgers are playing the Rangers in San Antonio's Alamodome, which has plenty of roof to spare. On Saturday before the game, some Army troopers made great use of it:


Well, this is definitely something to add to our MLBucket List.

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