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This NAIA World Series catch proves that superheroes are real and live among us

NAIA World Series via YouTube

Let's say, through space radiation accident or maybe X-Men style genetic mutation, you find yourself with an incredible set of superpowers. What would you do with them? Become a caped crusader for justice? Become a brooding icon of evil? Levitate snacks to yourself so you don't have to get up when you're marathoning Netflix?

Well, if you're Gadiel Baez, who is clearly gifted with powers most superheroes could only dream of, you use them for the public good. And by public good, we mean "making catches so amazing the world becomes a better place."


The Tabor College second baseman made the catch in the bottom of the sixth inning on Monday, in Game 10 of the NAIA World Series (The Series is actually a double-elimination tournament -- no, they didn't play the same team 10 times). Even though Tabor fell to Oklahoma Baptist, 5-1, Baez still came away with a pretty great audition tape for Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters: