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Watch this Little Leaguer show off Big Papi swagger on home run trot

We don't know much about this kid, but here's what we can glean from YouTube: he's known as "Lil Papi," he wears No. 14 and he's not the world's most patient hitter. Patience doesn't mean much, though, when you can take that first pitch deep.

Our protagonist strolls to the plate with the confidence and gravitas of a 10-year vet. The moment he makes contact with the pitch, and sends it deep, he does what all the great sluggers do -- he watches it go for a ride.

After hitting his towering home run, it takes a full six seconds for 'Lil Papi to even think about circling the bases. He's posing for pictures. He's  puffing out his chest. He's greeting his fans. The basepaths can wait.

All in all, it took 'Lil Papi 28.42 seconds to circle the bases. According to the "Tater Trot" leaderboard, that trot would put him just outside the top-10 amongst Major Leaguers for the 2012 season; roughly equivalent to Big Papi's May 15 voyage around the bases, which lasted 28.79 seconds. That's particularly impressive considering the reduced measurements of a Little League diamond.

With swag like that, maybe he really is 'Lil Papi, huh?

-- Dakota Gardner /

(h/t to Barstool Sports)