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Watch Tyson Ross score a trick shot on an indoor basketball hoop

Watch Tyson Ross score a trick shot

We already know and accept that professional athletes run faster, jump higher, and throw harder than us mere mortals. But it's not really fair that they can score lucky trick shots better than us, too. After all, they're supposed to be the once-in-a-lifetime shots that regular schmoes like you or me use to become Internet famous.

But no, baseball players are better at them, too. Dodgers Minor Leaguer Blake Smith challenged Tyson Ross after sinking this shot: 

So the Padres starter had no choice but to one-up him by going all "Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land" and using the angles:

Of course, while the shot is impressive, the best part of the video is that there is a basketball hoop inside the house. This is the dream that every child whose parents yelled "Not inside!" had while growing up. It's just one step of wish fulfillment away from Tom Hanks in "Big." 


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