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Watch Wily Mo Pena bash home runs in Japanese video game we all want to play

Watch Wily Mo Pena bash home runs in video game

Did you know that Merriam-Webster lists "Wily Mo Pena" as a suitable synonym for "power," "love," and "goodness?" It's true. I mean, the phonetic spelling of his name is Wily Mo' Pain ya', for heaven's sake. 

After hitting 84 of the most majestic Major League home runs human eyes have ever seen, followed by 54 more in Japan, the slugger has started this season cold. Coming into Thursday, Pena had hit only 2 home runs in 165 plate appearances. 

But have no fear. You can still see the new Rakuten Golden Eagles slugger bash baseballs. And even better, your dreams can now mingle with virtual reality -- at least if you live in Japan or know how to get around region coding on your video game device. 

The game, is called Purosupi 2015: Professional Baseball Spirits. And while I'm slightly disappointed that it isn't about the ghosts of baseball legends helping solve the mystery of the Ol' McNulty House, the fact that I can bash home runs with Wily Mo makes it all the better.

I mean, the YouTube description for the video is great: "I want you to rampage in optimism." That may just be my new life motto. 

Now excuse me, I have to look up flights to Japan.