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We prepare for the arrival of Byron Buxton by comparing him to five different superheroes

We compare Byron Buxton to five superheroes

Remember Kris Bryant? Of course you do. He's a babyfaced messiah, the entire baseball world came to a halt to watch his debut, and at 23 years old, he's done nothing but terrorize the Senior Circuit ever since. Bryant is Wolverine brought to life.

Next came boy wonder Joey Gallo, who got the call to Texas and wasted no time reaching previously uncharted parts of the ballpark.

Not to be outdone, second baseman and fellow uber prospect Carlos Correa, just 20, came up to the Astros and immediately started dispensing home runs and batting gloves to the fair people of Houston in equal measure -- because apparently college-age rookies mercilessly raking is just a thing we should expect now. (Heck, even pitchers got into the act, although to be fair, that one had Thor on his side.)

And yet, none of them were's top-rated prospect coming into 2015: That honor goes to one Byron Buxton, a center fielder in the Twins' organization with five tools plus probably some more we haven't even discovered yet, and on Sunday afternoon, he'll be making his desperately awaited big league debut.  

In order to help the world truly appreciate the extent to which Buxton is three or four incredible baseball players rolled into one -- and to assist in battening down the hatches of the Internet in preparation for his coming -- we present five different superheroes who resemble Byron Buxton. No, not the other way around.

1. The Flash

Below is a brief glimpse of Buxton legging out a stand-up triple -- on a ball hit to left-center. (Note: That blur rounding second is him, not a jungle cat.)

2. Mr. Fantastic

Sure, Buxton may not have elastic limbs he can stretch out at will (that we know of...), but with range like this, superpowers would probably be redundant:

Buxton catch

3. The Hulk

Lest you rashly make the mistake of categorizing Buxton as some slap-happy leadoff man, behold -- he can also muscle up and hit all of the dingers: 

Buxton homer

4. Captain America

Just like America's favorite son -- always bursting through the door at the last possible moment -- Buxton's domination comes with some impeccable timing, and a flair for the dramatic: 

Buxton walk-off

5. Superman

As you've probably gathered by now, Buxton can pretty much do whatever he wants on the diamond -- which, really, makes him the Superman of the baseball universe. Look, he can even unleash a throw that is A) faster than a speeding bullet, B) more powerful than a locomotive and C) could definitely leap a tall building in a single bound:

Buxton throw

In case the above doesn't have you salivating enough -- and you should probably see a doctor about that lack of a pulse -- fear not, for there is seemingly no end to the ridiculous prospects the Baseball Gods see fit to bestow upon us: Just hours after Buxton's promotion was announced, the Indians decided to drop the mic, calling up shortstop of the future/top-three prospect/human pogo stick Francisco Lindor. So go grab some popcorn, take a seat and get comfy for the next decade of crazy baseball, everybody. 

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