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Wed October: Love is in the air at Busch Stadium

While the Cardinals went through the motions of their offday workout inside Busch Stadium on Saturday afternoon, South 8th St. was quiet.

Fans trickled in and out of the St. Louis team store and three Washington Nationals ambled toward the players entrance, unrecognized in blazers and sunglasses.

Quiet, until the limo showed up. Out of a white stretch Chrysler 300 piled six bridesmaids in purple gowns, six groomsmen in black tuxedoes, one slightly harried photographer and, of course, the betrothed themselves.

They were a rowdy bunch, apparently fueled by the excitement of an unforgettable day, the thrill of seeing Dizzy Dean's bronzed likeness and the buzz of more than a few adult beverages.

Heather, the bride, chose Busch Stadium for the pre-ceremony photo op as a show of support for her Cardinals during the postseason -- especially her "other husband," David Freese.

"I've grown up here my whole life," she said. "I love the Cardinals and we're gonna go 12 in '12."

"That's right, baby. Twelve in '12," echoed her soon-to-be actual husband.

As the party posed for photos in every possible combination -- one bridesmaid and two groomsmen, two groomsmen and one bridesmaid, three groomsmen and two bridesmaids -- another vehicle rolled to the corner of South 8th and Clark Ave.

Out of the party bus piled four bridesmaids in black, four groomsmen in Converse All-Stars, two photographers and a second happy couple.

Ryan, brother of the groom, said the location was a no-brainer for his family.

"He's got all the Wold Series tattooed on his leg. We've been season-ticket holders since we were young."

A few minutes later, as the photographer posed Ryan and a bridesmaid next to a sliding Enos Slaughter, the groom emerged from the team store with a new Cardinals hat.

"Now I'm ready," he said, putting on the cap and taking his bride's hand.

-- Ian Kay/

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