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What do the postseason managers think about while sitting on the bench? We finally have the answer

What do postseason managers think about on the bench?

Managers have a lot of quiet time. While their players are running around and getting sweaty, managers get to think and plan for the game in front of them. And sure, 90% of their thoughts must be consumed with righty/lefty matchups and wondering if they remembered to fill out the lineup card, but that still leaves plenty of time for the mind to wander.

So with the world paying attention to every move that Ned Yost, Buck Showalter, Bruce Bochy and Mike Matheny make during their postseason games, these are the thoughts that have never been broadcast. Until now. 


Matheny teeth


Bochy Gary

Matheny zombie

Ned oven

Bochy party sub



You're right, Ned. That would be absolutely adorable. 

Chinchilla ball

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