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What to expect from the 2013 Congressional Baseball Game

Sports fans on both sides of the aisle will leave Capitol Hill for Nationals Park to play the annual Congressional Baseball Game on Thursday night.

Though the Republicans have historically fared better (with a 38-36-1 record since 1909), the Democrats bashed their way to an 18-5 victory in 2012. But the National Journal reports that the GOP has a solid shot at winning this year -- the party may have found a ringer in Florida freshman Ron DeSantis, a former Yale baseball captain.

Let's review some great moments from Congressional ballgames past.

Three-time presidential candidate Ron Paul -- who hit the game's first over-the-wall home run in the 70's -- turned in a strong performance for the Republicans in 1983.

Though he now faces a four-year prison term for misusing campaign funds, Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-Ill.) stayed out of trouble during the 1998 ballgame. So that's good.

Jesse Jackson

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) -- in happier, pre-Twitter days -- is said to have realized that this wasn't a hat at some point in the first inning.

Anthony Weiner

We know some of you will be skeptical about the entertainment value of a roster made up entirely of Congresspeople. After all, the median age of the House of Representatives is about 103.


But give them a chance. Our nation's leaders have actually pulled off some incredible plays in their time.


... and other times they've come very close to pulling off incredible plays. But shouldn't that be enough?

Adam Smith

The Republicans and Democrats will take the field at 7:05 p.m. EST on Thursday. We're excited -- even if this lady isn't.

-- Molly Fitzpatrick /