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Where were you when the unofficial 500,000th error in MLB history was committed?

In a milestone moment significant of nothing in particular, perhaps the 500,000th error in league history was committed on Saturday night. 

The notion is accepted because there is no truly accurate means by which to pinpoint the exact error that will go down in infamy. Fielding errors are not numbered in chronological order and bookkeeping was not up to today's standards for much of the history of the game, so this is the best estimate.

Half a million errors sure sounds like a lot, but don't get down thinking about all the botched ground balls, misplayed popups and errant throws. It's a benchmark that celebrates the longevity of America's pastime.

So let's celebrate the fact that baseball has lived long enough to see its 500,000th error, and here's to hoping that one day the game will see its one millionth as well.

-- Andrew LeRay /