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Which of these baseball-themed nominees will win a Grammy?

Will these baseball-themed nominees win a Grammy?

Update: In 27 Pieces -- The Hilary Hahn Encores by Hilary Hahn & Cory Smythe took home the Grammy award for Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance. This is now her third Grammy. We look forward to her next album, In Three Strikes

Every year, there are hundreds of Grammy nominees. There are 83 categories ranging from Record of the Year to Best Classical Compendium usually boasting five nominees each, sometimes more. It only makes sense that there are a few that will be related to baseball. Sometimes tenuously maybe, sure -- but related. Nominees that say, "Hey, baseball fan -- root for us."

This year features three such nominees.

The Pedrito Martinez Group by The Pedrito Martinez Group

Nominated for: Best Latin Jazz Album

The Pedrito Martinez Group is a four-piece jazz ensemble led by Pedro Martinez. No, not the three-time Cy Young Award winner and recent National Baseball Hall of Fame electee -- the Havana-born Pedro Pablo Martinez who goes by Pedrito and whose accolades include a Thelonius Monk award, a Percussionist of the Year award as voted by the Jazz Journalists Association and inclusion on Downbeat Magazine's list of the "80 Coolest Things in Jazz Today."

It appears that as long as you're named Pedro Martinez, you're destined to dominate your field.

Appetite for Construction by The Pop Ups

Nominated for: Best Children's Album

The band name could be a reference to the genre of children's books in which three-dimensional objects form with every turned page. Or, it could be a reference to a flyout in baseball.


With indie rock kid-friendly jams like "All These Shapes," we're hoping it's the latter.

In 27 Pieces -- The Hilary Hahn Encores by Hilary Hahn & Cory Smythe

Nominated for: Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance

"In 27 Pieces," or as it's known in baseball terminology, "In 27 Outs," is the latest album from the absurdly prolific violinist Hillary Hahn, whose work includes the Oscar-nominated soundtrack for The Village. Who knew the two-time Grammy winner was such a fan of baseball scorekeeping?

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