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Which of Yasiel Puig's home run bat flips so far was better?

Which Yasiel Puig bat flip this season do you prefer?

It took nearly a week, but Yasiel Puig hit his first home run of the 2015 season on Sunday in the Dodgers' game against the D-backs. More important, though, is that the homer gave Puig the opportunity to execute his first in-season bat flip since Sept. 24:


It was a mid-season masterwork: The bat soaring though the air, twirling knob-over-barrel before tumbling to the ground with a thud.

Clearly, it reminded Puig just how much he loves to hit home runs and, subsequently, how much he loves to flip the bat. Because he hit another home run in the Dodgers' game against the Mariners the very next day:


There is more offseason rust on this one -- the bat doesn't fly quite as high, there aren't as many rotations -- but there's a subtle grace to its modesty. And, it's still a Puig bat flip.

So, we ask you: Which of Puig's early bat flips do you prefer? Vote below: