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White Sox fan gets pulled over, then gets engaged at U.S. Cellular Field

White Sox fan Shannon Gucci already had enough on his mind on Friday night. In just a few hours, he was planning to pop the big question to his girlfriend Catherine Richko. The surprise engagement at U.S. Cellular Field would feature a message on the jumbotron and photo opportunity from White Sox staff scheduled at the top of the third inning. But wait…

Shannon had more than just the nerves of an engagement on his shoulders. On his trek to the ballpark, he was pulled over for speeding. Because of the delay, he had to take the late train to the game.

"It was crazy getting here. I didn't think we were going to make it," Shannon said.

After his late arrival, the jittery boyfriend notified the White Sox and the engagement was pushed to the fifth inning.

"We made it," he said. And she said yes.

-- Evan Vladem / Real-Time Correspondent