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White Sox to wear collared throwback jerseys, give business casual baseball fans reason to cheer

White Sox to wear business-y collared throwback unis

Have you ever been looking through your closet, hoping to put on some baseball gear, when you realize, "Oh wait. I've got that big meeting today. Ugh, and then I've got to go to the country club and meet the significant other's family? Guess I'd better put on a shirt with a collar."

Well, thanks to the White Sox, you're in luck. On Aug. 27, the White Sox will be wearing their famous throwback collar pullovers from 1976. Though they wore shorts with this look a few times, they won't be bringing those back -- probably because it really hurts to slide with them on. 

Harold Baines certainly wasn't a fan: 

Said then-owner Bill Veeck when the uniforms were first unveiled:

"The White Sox are not going to be dressed like a bunch of peacocks. There is a difference between color and elegance… between style and class. You will be awed…Comiskey Park will replace Paris and New York as the fashion center of the World."

I mean, I can't tell the difference between the White Sox and a fashion show. Can you? (Hint: Look for the guy with a banana on his shirt)


Here's what the shirts are going to look like this year: 


See? Perfect for the office, golf course, cocktail parties and, if you're willing, weddings. You can find the upscale look in the shop

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