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The Oddfathers: Todd Frazier and groundskeeper Roger Bossard deserve their own buddy cop show

This is Todd Frazier:


He's an All-Star third baseman, the reigning Home Run Derby champion and the newest member of the White Sox, thanks to a three-team deal that sent pitching prospect Frankie Montas to the Dodgers and landed the Reds a trio of prospects.

The Toms River, N.J., native set career highs in 2015 with 35 home runs and 43 doubles, and he earned the second of his back-to-back All-Star appearances. He's affectionately known as "The Toddfather.""

This is Roger Bossard:

He's been the White Sox's head groundskeeper since his father's retirement in 1983 (he was an assistant for the 16 seasons leading up to that one). Bossard developed a revolutionary and patented irrigation system that transformed the way modern stadiums are built and maintained. His system has been implemented in more than a dozen MLB ballparks and Spring Training facilities, and he even got his own bobblehead day in 2011. He's affectionately known as "The Sodfather."

Wednesday's trade has officially brought The Toddfather and The Sodfather together, which means that the White Sox can and should be shopping a spec script for a buddy cop show in which Frazier and Bossard rove around Chicago fighting crime and ensuring that residents adhere to the stipulations set forth by their homeowners associations. No Malcolm in the Middle houses on their watch.

The theme song could be Gucci Mane's "The Oddfather (Intro)" and they could even work in a crossover episode/story arc with "The Fairly Odd Parents." This thing practically writes itself.