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Andrew McCutchen was speedy, but who had the fastest inside-the-park home run this year?

Who had the fastest inside-the-park HR this year?

Andrew McCutchen must have won a "major award" because he got a chance to show off his legs on Wednesday night. Facing the Phillies, McCutchen hit an inside-the-park home run in an earth-shattering 15.44 seconds. It's a pace that makes my morning jogs look like I'm moving backwards. 

Somehow though, despite human beings having to combat gravity and wind currents and muscle strain, there have been some hitters who flew around the bases even faster. It boggles the mind that it's even possible. So who had a best inside-the-park home run time this season? 

It depends on how you define it. If you simply want to know who ran the fastest from home plate to home plate, then Dee Gordon is your man. Gordon needed only 13.89 seconds to round the bases on what would be ruled a triple with an error on left fielder Charlie Blackmon: 

It's not all that shocking when you consider Gordon is leading the league with 59 steals and that he was tracked at over 20 mph during this summer's All-Star Game. Using my imprecise measurements of 360 feet (not accounting for Gordon's actual route), Gordon averaged  17.6 mph during his triple-and-an-error. That's a faster pace than on the 101 freeway at any time of day. 

But if we're looking for the player with the fastest trip on a legitimate inside-the-park job, that belongs to Rays rookie Kevin Kiermaier who flew around in only 14.29 seconds. 

Sadly, Mike Trout isn't on the list, though he came close during spring training. Facing the Dodgers, Yasiel Puig came up empty on a dive, but he and Hanley Ramirez still managed to catch Trout at the plate ... 14.35 seconds after he hit the ball. 

If you're curious, here is the full list of times from this season. David DeJesus' is estimated as the cameras never showed the moment he crossed home plate. 

Player Date Seconds
Dee Gordon 6/16 13.89*
Kevin Kiermaier 5/31 14.29
Brandon Barnes 6/14 15.15
Lorenzo Cain 9/8 15.32
Brandon Barnes 6/5 15.4
Andrew McCutchen 9/10 15.44
David DeJesus 9/7 15.50 (estimated)
Jon Singleton 8/2 16.41
Wil Myers 5/4 16.58
Kurt Suzuki 5/20 16.61

(Thanks to Larry Granillo's Tater Trot tracker)

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