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Matt Kemp hit for the Padres' first cycle, so we looked back at other historic cycle firsts

Kemp's historic feat joins other cycle firsts

In the top of the ninth inning of Friday's Padres-Rockies game, Matt Kemp tripled off a slider from Justin Miller. That in itself isn't too surprising -- triples are so in this season -- but this particular three-bagger made history. When he slid into third base, he completed the Padres' first cycle:


Baseball has more than a century of records, and in 2015, it's not easy to be the first player to do anything. In honor of Kemp's once-in-a-franchise's-lifetime feat, we decided to look at other firsts in the history of the cycle.

Who was the first player to hit for the cycle?


That would be Curry Foley, a pitcher, outfielder and first baseman who played for the Boston Red Caps and the Buffalo Bisons. It was with Buffalo that he made baseball history. On May 25, 1882, he became the first player to single, double, triple and hit a home run in a single game. He did it with style, too -- according to SABR, his home run was a grand slam.

Who was the first player to hit for the natural cycle?

Bill Collins, outfielder for the Boston Doves and a lifetime .224 batter, hit for the natural cycle in an Oct. 6, 1910 game against the Phillies. That means he singled, doubled, tripled and homered in that order. If you think hitting for the cycle in the first place is statistically unlikely (and you'd be right -- it's only happened 306 times since our friend Foley's), hitting for the natural version is nearly impossible.

Who was the youngest player to hit for the cycle?

Mike Trout. Like you're surprised:

He was just 21 when he pulled off this feat on May 21, 2013.

Trout also hit for the natural cycle … if you count hits from his first four All-Star Games.

Who was the oldest player to hit for the cycle?

This one is a bit more difficult to guess. We'll give you a few hints -- he was initially signed by the Padres. Luckily for Kemp, he hit for his cycle with the Angels when he was 39 yeas old.

Ready for the answer?

Dave Winfield added hitting for the cycle to his ludicrously long list of accomplishments on June 24, 1991.

Who was the first player to complete three cycles in a single ballpark?

Adrian Beltre! Come on, don't you read our website?  

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