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Who will fill the void in the Ichimeter Lady's heart?

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Amy Franz, who has been a staple at Safeco Field as Ichimeter Lady since 2004, showed up in her usual right field seats Thursday with a “space available” sign.

She has been bombarded with questions asking what she will do in the wake of Ichiro’s departure, but Franz claims she was a Mariners fan long before Suzuki made his debut at Safeco Field in 2001.

Before her claim to fame as the Ichimeter Lady, she supported another Mariner right fielder. Franz went by the alias “Bone Girl,” in honor of Mariners Hall of Famer Jay Buhner. At one of the popular Mariners “Buhner Buzz Nights,” which took place each season from 1994-2001, Frank was among the fans who shaved their heads to received free admission. The Bone himself did the honors. 

So like other dedicated Mariner fans, Franz awaits to see who will be the next to fill to the gap in right field.

--Krista Staudinger

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