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Whoops: Scoreboard operator leaves ladder on the field, delays Red Sox and Twins

Ladder left in OF briefly delays Twins-Red Sox

When baseball is running smoothly, it's difficult to take inventory of exactly how many talented individuals it takes to make the game happen. Players, managers and broadcasters are the faces of the machine, but the list of hard-working people who dedicate their time and effort to America's pastime surely stretches further than the eye usually sees.

... until one of them leaves a ladder in the outfield. It's kinda difficult to miss that.


The Red Sox were hosting the Twins at JetBlue Park in Lee County, Fla., on Friday when one of the manual scoreboard operators left a vital piece of equipment on the warning track between innings. 

Luckily for the scoreboard personnel, Twins outfielder Oswaldo Arcia was kind enough to return the ladder from which it came.

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