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This little kid's epic Wiffle ball bat flip makes Yasiel Puig look bashful

Kid unleashes epic bat flip after Wiffle ball homer

Centuries from now -- after civilization crumbles and the dust settles in the zombie apocalypse/nuclear winter/arid wasteland that replaces our modern society -- he who controls the bat flip Vines will reign supreme ... and whoever has this brilliant display of athleticism will be our overlord.

That 4-year-old lefty with the light-tower power is Eston, and he's growing up right on the West Virginia-Maryland border, where kids root for the Pirates and toss their bats into oblivion, apparently. Eston's older brother plays on a travel team called the Garrett Timber Rattlers -- but presumably the younger brother will find his way onto the travel team soon.

Eston's swing has lit the Internet on fire, so expect to see him making the rounds on the morning talk shows/late night circuit shortly ... and probably signing a contract to play pro ball in the Pirates system shortly thereafter. We hear a left-handed bat with that kind of pop is a commodity, especially when coupled with the marketable flair that comes with that bat flip.

Future TR in the making!!! Already a master of the bat flip at 4 yrs old

Posted by Nate Haskiell on Sunday, August 16, 2015