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Wil Myers demonstrates the highs and lows of coolness with a single home run

There are few things in this mortal world as cool as hitting a home run, let alone a leadoff home run.

In contrast, there are few things less cool than tripping over your own feet.

Wil Myers experienced both the utmost high and the utmost low of coolness Sunday afternoon in the time it takes to say "heavens to murgatroyd."


Myers led off the bottom of the first inning for the Padres in their game against the Mariners on Sunday. He proceeded to hit a homer on the first pitch, his third this spring. Coolness: Max.

But as he set out to collect the spoils of his at-bat victory -- the home run trot -- Myers appeared to have slipped on home base. Or he tripped over his feet. Whatever happened, Myers stumbled out of the batter's box. Coolness: Min.

Ecstasy and agony, in a single at-bat. But it's OK: We think the coolness of hitting a homer far outstrips a momentary stumble.