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Will Brad Ausmus be MLB's brainiest manager?

It was made official on Sunday that Jim Leyland's replacement as manager of the Tigers will be former longtime MLB catcher Brad Ausmus. Leyland may have been baseball's most musically savvy skipper, but Ausmus looks primed to take up another mantle.

A Dartmouth graduate (majoring in government), the three-time Gold Glove winner has what Lance Berkman called "one of the sharpest wits." Ausmus' father Harry, a retired professor of European history at Southern Connecticut State University, is the author of a book called "A Schopenhauerian Critique Nietzsche's Thought." Brad's opinion of it? It's his "favorite book," according to a Sports Illustrated article from 2006.

A player survey from earlier this year named the Rays' Albert Camus and Mark Twain-loving Joe Maddon as the Majors' smartest, but it looks like he'll soon have some competition for that title.

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