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Will Ferrell agrees with John Madden's #HotTake, says he's 'all about lack of respect' for baseball

National treasure Will Ferrell is still applying full-court pressure on his publicity tour for "Get Hard," his new movie with comedian Kevin Hart, which means he's got plenty of opportunities to discuss his recent tour de Cactus League.

If you somehow managed to miss the coolest pop culture/baseball event of the spring, you can relive the experience here.

Basically, Ferrell played for 10 teams in five games on one day with the help of a helicopter, a police escort and a bunch of rapid roster transactions. The stunt was all for a good cause as Ferrell and MLB were working with Cancer for College and Stand Up to Cancer, and filming a documentary with Funny or Die and HBO.

That last bit of information probably didn't reach former NFL broadcaster John Madden, who offered a #HotTake on the scenario, positing that Ferrell lacked respect for the game and "for what players have to do to get where they are."

Ferrell addressed the comments in his typical hilarious fashion, admitting to Conan that he's "all about lack of respect."