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Will Ferrell describes the 63 pitches he has in his arsenal in new 'Ferrell Takes the Field' clip

Will Ferrell describes all 63 pitches in his arsenal

Back in March, Will Ferrell played for an unprecedented 10 MLB teams in one incredible day at Spring Training in Arizona. After teasing us with a few seconds of the subsequent HBO documentary and finally debuting the full trailer a few weeks ago, Ferrell and Co. have released more material ahead of the Sept. 12 premiere.

The new footage released this week features Ferrell describing all 63 of the pitches in his arsenal:

"I throw a catfish. I throw a traditional knuckleball. I throw a European knuckleball. I throw a pitch called 'The Black Healer.' One called 'The Ruby,' 'The Opal' ... I have a lot of rare or semi-precious gemstones. 'Aquamarine,' 'Topaz,' 'Turquoise' ... And then I also have certain pitches that I'll only pitch in the spring. Or for fall. I have pitches that I only throw in certain months. I think there's only seven pitches I'll throw in June, for instance. August? I'll go through all 63."

Obviously, the "slurge" is his putaway pitch. Just ask Rico Noel:

Ferrell Takes the Field premieres Sunday, Sept. 12, at 10 p.m. ET on HBO.