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Wily Mo Pena hits massive homer, collects stuffed animal, has amazing bat flip bobblehead

Wily Mo hits HR, has amazing bat flip bobblehead

Wily Mo Pena brings the noise. Wily Mo Pena brings the funk. And when Wily Mo Pena brings that noise and funk, in the form of massive homer-blasts, he also beckons pink stuffed animals to come and join him in his dinger-ific celebration.

Like when he did this unspeakable thing to a baseball for the Rakuten Golden Eagles of the NPB recently and collected a stuffed animal prize before passing it along to a very lucky fan. 

Of course, once we saw that, we knew we needed a small piece of Wily Mo Pena in our lives. And since dealing in horcruxes is a) frowned upon and b) probably not an actual thing, we had to settle for the next best thing: Merchandise. 

While we can't be certain that the Golden Eagles ship to the States, there are quite a few Wily Mo Pena goods that we are now salivating over. 

Like this Wily Mo fan towel, perfect for both cheering the player and impressing everyone at the beach. 


Or this Wily Mo tee where Pena is, presumably, making Spider-man fingers and holding two bats. Because that's just how he rolls: 


Even better is the message on the back: "Feed me more." If anything, that's my life motto: 


Perhaps best of all, though, is this bobblehead. That's right, science said it could never be made and yet here we have it: a bobblehead of Wily Mo complete with bat flip. Barring a figurine that doubles as a perpetual motion device, energy source and personal chef, this is the greatest thing ever made: 


So, if anyone is making a trip to Japan and wants to fill their carry-on with presents for us, we won't complain. 

(h/t Eye on Baseball