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Chicago talk show lets Cubs fans file postgame report on Game 5 win, hilarity ensues

Cubs fans file postgame reports after big Game 5 win

Each weekday afternoon, Windy City LIVE discusses all the major goings-on in Chicago. Naturally, on Wednesday that meant celebrating all the drama and dingers of the Cubs' NLDS-clinching win over the Cardinals. But the show wanted to dig deeper, to find out what it was like to really be there at Wrigley as the party got started. 

So, they decided to go right to the source -- as fans filed out of the Friendly Confines, a Windy City LIVE producer allowed some passing fans to file their own postgame report. As you might imagine, they were pretty excited about it:

Some highlights include:

- One fan almost cracking under the pressure after being handed the mic, but rebounding like a true professional to give a blow-by-blow account of the game.

- Another fan had no such butterflies, and segued into a remarkably polished, "Hi, we're reporting live ..."

- How did one fan react upon being told his mother is a Cardinals fan? "Put me up for adoption."

- "We're kickin' booty now, and we're gonna kick booty til the end."

Back to you in the studio. 

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