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With A.J. Burnett back in Pittsburgh, it's time to ask: Is he secretly Batman?

Is A.J. Burnett secretly Batman?

I know what you're thinking: "How dare you ruin the secret identity of one of America's greatest heroes." But I'm committed to the truth. And it's time that the truth was revealed. 

So how do we know that A.J. Burnett, long-known for being a Batman superfan, is actually Batman? Here are our five points of evidence. 

1. His love for one town: Pittsburgh

You know who else loves a particular city? That's right, Batman.  

Plus, coincidentally, the documentary, The Dark Knight Rises,  filmed some of its scenes in Pittsburgh: 

2. Burnett turned down his $12.75 million option with the Phillies to accept $8.5 million with the Pirates

You know who also doesn't need to worry about money? Batman. Because he's like a gazillionaire. 

3. A.J. Burnett's full name is Allan James Burnett. Which is an anagram for Batman nulls a jeer.

By returning to Pittsburgh, Burnett is pretty much making any jeers null and void.

Plus, why would Burnett go by his initials ... unless he had something to hide? 

4. Burnett dresses up like Batman. That's pretty Batman-y, wouldn't you say? 

5. Everyone already knows.

Tony Sanchez knows: 

Kent Tekulve knows:

Jordy Mercer knows:

Neil Walker knows:

Burnett has pretty much even admitted it. 

Man, he keeps his secret identity worse than that Clark Kent fellow with the dorky eyeglasses.  

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