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Steven Matz handed out candy at home before his Game 4 start, because sure why not

Matz hands out candy at home before Game 4 start

The World Series is baseball's biggest stage, the professional pinnacle for any big leaguer. So, set to start Game 4 on Saturday night, how did Mets rookie and sandwich enthusiast Steven Matz prepare for the biggest moment of his career? Did he study film? Review his game plan? Sit alone with his thoughts, focusing on the task at hand?

Of course not. Today was Halloween, and given that Matz is still living at his parents' place on Long Island, he spent the afternoon handing out candy: 

The costume needs a little work (unless he's going for a low-key Luke from "Gilmore Girls," in which case, we see you Steven), but still -- Matz even signed some jerseys for the lucky kids who stopped by. "It was a normal day," Matz's dad said after his son was taken out of the Mets' 5-3 loss. What, you guys don't hand out autographs and pitch in the World Series regularly?

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