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'Wreckin' Ball' is the man to talk to for all your baseball-shaped helmet needs

Do you hate the subtle dignity and refined presentation of a regular baseball hat? Fear not.

Meet "Wreckin' Ball."

"Wreckin' Ball" (né Gregg Wilson) is a Rangers fan who wears a customized jersey and a baseball-shaped helmet on his head. Yes, that's right: That is a thing that a real person does. The Texas Rangers are not the only team Mr. Ball likes wearing custom, oversized helmets to support -- he has also been seen at Texas Stadium wearing a helmet decorated with Cowboys colors.

After constant inquiries and unanimous interest from other fans, Wilson decided to patent his "Wreckin' Ball" helmet and form Wreckin' Ball Helmets LLC. 

Keep on living the American dream, Wreckin' Ball.

-- Dakota Gardner /

(Photo by Austin McLaurin / Real-Time Correspondent )