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Yadier Molina revealed his true strength when he accidentally shattered his bat on home plate

Yadier Molina shattered his bat on home plate

There are giants who live among us, even if we don't notice them every day. Like the mother who summons superhuman strength to lift a car and save her child. Or those guys who carry around massive boulders on live television. Or even Mark Wahlberg getting insanely jacked for "Pain and Gain." No way that's a normal person. 

Yadier Molina may have revealed his true nature on Wednesday afternoon. After fouling off a pitch from the Cubs' Jon Lester in the bottom of the seventh inning, Molina strode back into the batter's box. He stepped in and pounded his bat against the plate, only to watch it shatter:


Maybe it was frustration over fouling off a hittable offering the pitch before. Or maybe he had forgotten, for just a moment, the immense strength hidden in his biceps. But you true believers know the real reason why Molina splintered his lumber: He's a secret giant wandering the earth. 

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