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Yankee Stadium hosts Spain-Ireland soccer -- uh, football? -- match

On Tuesday, Yankee Stadium hosted a friendly match between Spain and Ireland. For the fourth time since last summer, the Bombers' baseball diamond was transformed into a full-length football pitch.

Yankee Stadium was filled with and energized by international soccer fans, most of whom were wearing red and yellow in support of Spain, the team currently ranked No. 1 in the world. But Yankees fan James Terry was there to root for Ireland.

"It's great," he said. "My family is from Ireland, from Galway, and to have them come to the Stadium ... it's the best of both worlds."

Cesar Frias came out to represent his homeland of Spain and to see the team play in person for the first time. He was impressed by the work of the grounds crew.

"They did a great job. [Yankee Stadium] looks like a normal football pitch," said Frias.

Last month, British clubs Chelsea and Manchester City played their own friendly football match at Yankee Stadium.

-- Matt Latimer / Real-Time Correspondent