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Yankees first-round pick James Kaprielian has a freestyling alter ego: Grandmaster Kap

Yankees pick has rapping alter ego: Grandmaster Kap

Throughout its history, baseball has served as muse to some of America's most profound literary minds, inspiring everything from "Casey at the Bat" to John Updike's Yankee Stadium. And on June 8, 2015, another name was etched into the game's canon, sure to stir the souls of men long after he shuffles off this mortal coil: Yankees first-round Draft pick James Kaprielian, or as he prefers to be known, "Grandmaster Kap."

Kaprielian's genius -- which he showed off after being selected 16th overall by New York -- is best left unsullied by the hands of fallible editors. So, we humbly present you with this earth-shaking couplet in its entirety, which cuts right to the heart of the troubles of our time. 

Listen up, grind time
Too raw for the crew
That I get the fine

Bless you, Grandmaster Kap. Bless you. 

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