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Check it out: Yankees rookies dress up as 80's Hip-Hop acts

Yanks' rookies dress up as 80's Hip-Hop acts

The 1980's were the Golden Age for Hip-Hop. Grandmaster Flash, L.L. Cool J,  the Beastie Boys, Ice-T, Big Daddy Kane and FLAVA FLAVVVVV all introduced their talents to the world:

Hold on, let's see that again:

So, after clinching their first postseason berth in three years on Thursday night, the Yankees rookies honored this era in music by dressing up like some of the performers:

main image

The breakdown is as follows: 

- That's Greg Bird (back center in sunglasses) and pitchers Nick Goody (red shirt, right of Bird) and Bryan Mitchell (far left) as The Beastie Boys

- Pitcher James Pazos (far right) and outfielder Rico Noel (immediately to the left of Pazos) as Salt-N-Peppa

- Infielder Jose Pirela (fourth from left) as LL Cool J

- Honorary rookie Masahiro Tanaka (in glasses and black hat, immediately to the right of Severino); Tanaka's Interpreter Shingo Horie (black clothing, third from right) and Japanese Media Advisor Yoshiki Sato (third from left) as Run DMC

- Rob Refsnyder (second from left) as Everlast. 

- And most importantly, Luis Severino (front and center, wearing clock) as Flava Flav.

Oh, what's that? Most of these guys were born in the 90's and don't have much credibility with 80's rap stars? Here, this 40-year-old in the suit on the back left should help even things out:

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