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Yasiel Puig gets picked off second, is apparently living inside a lagging video game

The carefree whimsy of Yasiel Puig embiggens our spirits on a daily basis. It's what allows him to even consider "doubling off a runner on third from deep right field" as a thing he should possibly try ...

... and it has inspired an entire generation of bat-flippers, for which a grateful nation thanks him. Sometimes, though, Puig's genius works in mysterious ways. It is his eternal muse, one which he must follow wherever it may lead -- no matter how much it may confuse us mortals, like during Monday's Dodgers-Cubs game

With Puig on second and Joc Pederson on first in the top of the third, Chicago's Travis Wood delivered a pitch well outside the strike zone, at which point our intrepid hero just ... well, he didn't really do anything, and was promptly picked off:

Puig pick-off

Perhaps he was frozen by catcher David Ross' pump-fake to first base. Perhaps he considered stealing both third and home on a single pitch, but then relented, not wanting to blind us with his true brilliance. Perhaps he decided everyone should start playing running bases instead. Perhaps he is forever trapped in an old NES system, doomed to do things on a three-second delay for eternity.

The point is, let us not question the Way of Yasiel. Instead, let us celebrate all of its joyous imperfections. Because for every deer in baserunning headlights, there's a "hitting a baseball into orbit" right around the corner.