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Yasiel Puig is so strong he snapped his bat at the handle checking his swing

Yasiel Puig snapped his bat checking his swing

By now, Yasiel Puig's on-field antics and strange accomplishments are destined to be a part of baseball folklore. The raw athleticism, the bat flips, the immense power, the flashy leather, the cannon, the--um--heads-up baseball. It's been quite some time since a single player was able to make fans drop their jaws and sports reporters shake their heads. It's a gift, really.

On Friday Puig's legend grew that much more when he channeled Bo Jackson and snapped his bat at the handle while checking his swing. The crazy part is that he probably stopped his swing in time, but the broken barrel of the bat definitely came through the zone.


A strike's a strike's a strike, but man is that wrist strength impressive.

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