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The two biggest prospects in the Red Sox system are Yoan Moncada's pythons

Red Sox prospect Yoan Moncada is HUGE now

When it was first reported that the Red Sox had signed Cuban phenom Yoan Moncada to a $31 million contract, scouts lauded his incredible bat speed, his defensive versatility and his speed on the bases. 

Back in July, we were worried that the speed he demonstrated on his inside-the-park home run for Class A Greenville might be NSFW:

We've now gotten a glimpse at his offseason workouts, and it looks like's No. 8 prospect took the weight of all of those high expectations and bench-pressed it into oblivion, because the man is a house. It looks like his arms ate Bryce Harper's arms.

If the Red Sox end up in any trouble next season, they can always give Moncada the call to the bigs and ask him to literally put the team on his back, since that appears to be something he's capable of doing now.

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