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Yoenis Cespedes accepted a GIBBY award for his insane throw last year against the Angels

Cespedes accepts GIBBY award for insane throw home

Every Yoenis Cespedes throw isn't just a play in a baseball game -- it's an event. You know, the kind that calls for Vines resembling a Michael Bay fever dream, makes a crowd collectively hold its breath and has baserunners everywhere cowering in fear.

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And while the baseball world has long gawked over the howitzer he calls a right arm, Cespedes was deserving of some more official recognition -- like, say, the 2014 GIBBY award for Best Outfield Throw of the Year. There were plenty of jaw-droppers to choose from, but really, there's only one correct answer: the absolute laser he uncorked against the Angels in June of last year, reaching home on the fly -- from practically the left-field wall -- to nail Howie Kendrick. 

And, yes, it still defies belief:

Cespedes throw

Cespedes accepted his GIBBY on Friday afternoon while in New York to face the Yankees, and he sat down to revisit/shed some light on the above ridiculousness. His explanation: "I just threw the ball." Sure, and Mozart just played the piano. 

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