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Young fan with foul ball proves if you love something, let it go

Young fan gives up foul ball, gets it back in the end

There are many, many iterations of the same sentiment: If you love something, let it go. And if it comes back to you in the end, you'll be together forever. On Wednesday, a young fan in the stands at Rogers Centre for the Blue Jays' 8-0 win over the Mets proved that old adage is pretty irrefutable.

After a foul ball off Jose Bautista's bat made it way its way to a family's neck of the stadium, the father gave it to his daughter to, presumably, hold on to. She promptly sent it sailing to the lower decks:


But! But! The ball was later sent flying back up to the family, safe and sound.

A foul ball, once jettisoned, now returned: That's how you know it's truly meant to be yours. (Or your sister's.) 

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